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At Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, we have been successfully treating various pelvic floor dysfunctions in both male and female populations for the last decade . We have Certified Rost Therapy Clinician and Certified Pfilates ( pelvic floor pilates) clinician on board to meet our client needs in time.

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy ( Men & Women)

Pelvic floor physical therapy is the specialized form of therapy specifically done on the pelvic floor muscles group which is responsible for many bodily functions. Pelvic floor support human body when it comes to lift weight, walking, controlling bladder, helping in passing urine and feces, helps in pregnancy and birth, and also during orgasm. When any of the functions cannot be performed properly, sufferer is advised for a Pelvic Flood Physical Therapy.

Signs and Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

• Painful Constipation
• Urinary Tract Infection
• Painful Urination
• Discomfort during intercourse
• Vaginismus
• Endometriosis
• Premature Ejaculation
• Painful Ejaculation
• Lower back pain
• Pressure felt in rectum
• Bowel Strains
• Urinary issues

Who is the right candidate for Pelvic Floor Therapy?

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms , you have trouble to solve them then you are the right candidate for the therapy at Impact Physiotherapy Clinic. Pelvic dysfunction has several reasons behind – it can be due to obesity, nerve damage, after a pelvic surgery, after a child birth, constipation, and after a patient falls from certain height.

How can Impact Physiotherapy help you ?

At Impact Physio Clinic, our experts physically examine the body and help you to control the ability of motion of your pelvic floor. Doctor will check knots, contraction, and weakness of the muscles and draw possible metrics to recover the patient. Our doctors may also conduct urinogenital organ inspection if requires. Granville therapists are certified and use following techniques:

• Therapists educate their patients who need to learn about their pelvic anatomy and physiology. They teach the important and easy ways to keep the hygiene and avoid disease symptoms.
• Examination is followed by pelvic floor exercises to relieve pain.
• Doctors also make the exercises effective by teaching breathing timings techniques.
• They may also place surface electrodes on the perineum or sacrum levels to test pelvic muscle control.
• For determining muscles coordination, strength, and pressure, our certified physiotherapists may also perform anorectal manometry.
• If the flow of urine is very weak this indicates pelvic floor dysfunction, then our doctors also perform uroflow tests to fix your urination problems.
• Manual therapy with hand-massage is also done at Granville Physiotherapy Clinic.
• To teach the patient how pelvic muscles work, our physiotherapists insert a probe in man and female urinogentital parts so that they can view their muscles motion on the computer screen.


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