In-Home Physiotherapy Beaumont

In-Home Physiotherapy Beaumont

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In-Home Physiotherapy

In-Home Physiotherapy Beaumont

Do you wish to get physiotherapy sessions at home, or are you too weak to visit the clinic?
Impact Physio and Sport Injury Clinic, Beaumont, is here for you. We provide the most effective and reliable in-home physiotherapy in Alberta. Our team of physiotherapists is always ready to bring physiotherapy to your doorstep.
If you find it inconvenient to visit the clinic for your physiotherapy treatment, perhaps because you are in pain, fatigued, suffering from a disease, just underwent a surgical operation, are a recent discharge, or your child who needs physiotherapy is sick, considering in-home physiotherapy should be your next option. All you have to do is book an appointment with us, and we'll get to you in no time.
In-Home Physiotherapy session

All You Need to Know About In-Home Physiotherapy

In-home physiotherapy is best because your physiotherapy needs can be best met in the comfort of your home. In addition, it is easier for our physiotherapist to see how you are faring at home, especially with your daily chores and movements. Through that, it may be easier for them to see clearly what you are talking about and hence recommend or provide effective therapy.
At Impact Physio and Sport Injury Clinic, once you book an appointment with us for an in-home physiotherapy session, we'll first ask you some sensitive questions, like how you feel, when it started, and how long you've been experiencing the issue.
We then ensure enough information about your medical records is for a proper assessment. We also ensure to bring some pain relief, exercise equipment, and other necessary therapy materials that will help speed up your recovery.
Common Conditions

Some of the Common Conditions That Can Be Treated During Our In-Home Physiotherapy

  • Parkinson disease
  • Decondition
  • Sport injury
  • Loss of strength
  • Knee pain
Expect From Our In-Home Physiotherapy

What to Expect From Our In-Home Physiotherapy

Once you book an in-home session with us, we'll arrange a triage call with you and our physiotherapist, who will take records of all your complaints. And also, we ask for personal information like your phone number, email, and address. Then, we get ready by picking among our top physiotherapists who specialize in your complaint area.
When our physiotherapist gets to your location, they will need a ventilated room to set up our movable therapeutic bed, which you will lie on, so that they can properly examine your condition. With your approval, our therapist may work on sensitive body parts to assess the situation appropriately. So, we urge you to wear clothes that will allow easy assessment of these sensitive parts of your body.
After a proper assessment and taking records of your condition, our physiotherapist then administers some therapeutic exercises to you. It may involve slow movement, stretching, or straightening of the main point where you are experiencing pain.
Next is to prescribe some therapeutic exercises that will help speed up your recovery. These may be some home exercises, dietary guides, outdoor exercises, medications and other things that can help you get better in no distant time.

Benefits of In-Home Physiotherapy

The comfort of getting your physiotherapy treatments at home must be considered. First of all, it's somewhere you are very familiar with.
Plus, nobody is more comfortable elsewhere than at home. When in session at your home with our physiotherapist, it's much easier for our physiotherapist to see a clearer picture of what you are facing. It did reflect in your movement and when carrying out home activities.
In addition, some persons with physiotherapy needs might find it challenging to move outside their homes due to a disability, weakness, injuries, or recent surgery.
Travelling a distance for a session can become an added risk to their current situation. So booking an appointment for our in-home sessions is much safer for them, and that's why we prioritize ensuring that it will reach our patients without delay and that they receive the best treatment they can get in their comfort zone.

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Get Therapeutic Regimens

Get Therapeutic Regimens at Your Home

At Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, Beaumont, our team of physiotherapists is always ready to take physiotherapy to your doorstep upon request. Our in-home physiotherapy service covers all physiotherapy needs without exception. We also have the best hands and equipment to ensure your recovery as quickly as possible.

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