Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Beaumont

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Beaumont

pelvic floor physiotherapy for men
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Beaumont

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, at Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, has been delivering effective pelvic floor physiotherapy for years. Our pelvic specialists have the certification, knowledge, and experience to develop a treatment plan that will strengthen your pelvic floor and address your individual concerns.
Our medical specialists foster an environment of care and healing for all of our patients. We will work with you to develop a better understanding of your unique condition and to implement the most effective treatment options. Together, we can devise a Pelvic floor physiotherapy plan that will let you live life to the fullest.
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Your Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Beaumont

Every physiotherapy journey begins with a careful evaluation of your medical history and current condition. Our pelvic pain specialists will gauge posture, strength, and flexibility to determine the extent of your pelvic condition. With this information, we can begin to build an effective plan based on exercise, lifestyle change, manual therapy, and electrotherapy.
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Your Condition

During your first visit, our certified physiotherapists will discuss your medical history and how your pelvic issues are affecting your life. This will include any information about the frequency and severity of pain, along with any occurrences of sexual dysfunction or incontinence. This information is essential to developing a better understanding of your unique condition.
A physical evaluation will come next, where our anterior pelvic tilt specialist will determine if pelvic pain is being caused by pelvic tilt or other issues. The evaluation will center around the lower back, hips , and pelvis. Our certified medical professionals will assess flexibility and strength, and an internal examination of the pelvic floor muscles may be necessary, which will be carried out either vaginally or rectally.
With a complete understanding of your history and condition, our team can start to put together a treatment plan that will work with you. Impact Physio & Sport Clinic has numerous therapies and treatments available that can ensure you get the best possible results.
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Beaumont
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Treatments and Therapies

Most pelvic floor physiotherapy plans will include some form of exercise. These targeted exercises are focused on developing strength in weakened muscles and reducing spasms in tight muscles. There may be some discomfort during these exercises, but they are administered by certified professionals who carefully monitor your progress.
Various types of electrotherapy can often produce effective results. These include both nerve stimulation and ultrasound treatments. Patients who wish to reduce pelvic pain and those suffering from spasms can benefit from electrotherapy. The treatment is comfortable and safe and is carried out by our trained professionals.
Another part of your pelvic floor treatment plan may be some lifestyle changes. This can be altering how often or in what position you sit, implementing relaxation techniques like meditation or even just a warm bath, and carrying out your own pelvic floor exercises at home.

How It Works

Compassionate Care
The pain, sexual dysfunction, and incontinence of pelvic floor problems can have a significant effect on your quality of life. At Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, we understand that, and we’re here to help you reclaim your life.
Effective Treatment Plans
Our specialists have years of experience and undergo ongoing education and development to always deliver the most effective treatments. We’re with you every step of the way through planning, treatment, and aftercare.
The Latest Innovations
Impact Physio & Sport Clinic has the latest treatment technologies available for pelvic floor issues. EMG biofeedback and ultrasound let us better evaluate and diagnose your condition, and our electrotherapy systems allow us to provide better treatment.
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Why Impact Physio & Sport Clinic?

If you’re looking for effective physiotherapy treatment for any issue, Impact Physio & Sport Clinic is here for you. We are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals specializing in physiotherapy treatments. With us, you’re receiving expert treatment from individuals who have years of experience in their fields. You’re putting your health in good hands when you choose Impact Physio & Sport Clinic.
Our pelvic floor physiotherapy specialists can develop the unique treatment plan that will deliver the best results for your individual condition. We have the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to give you the highest quality of care available.

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Common Questions About Pelvic Floor Therapy

We, at Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, strive to provide the best care possible for all of our patients, and that means including them in the planning process. We’re always open about evaluations and treatments and welcome any questions our patients have about their options.
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If you’re unsure about pelvic floor therapy, you can always reach out to us for an assessment of your condition and possible treatment options. If you’d like to know a bit more, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

The group that most commonly requires pelvic floor therapy is women after childbirth. Symptoms like pelvic pain and incontinence frequently develop after going through labor. Pelvic floor therapy is highly effective in relieving these symptoms.

Other widely affected groups include women who have gone through menopause and anyone who has recently had abdominal or pelvic surgery. While less common, men also develop issues that can be resolved with pelvic floor physiotherapy. 

The most common signs that you may need pelvic floor therapy are incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and pain in the lower back and pelvis. If you start to develop any of these symptoms, our team can carry out a full assessment to determine if pelvic floor therapy is the right option for you.

It is best to address these symptoms early as they may become worse if left untreated. 

Part of every physiotherapy treatment plan involves carefully managing discomfort and pain. Our specialists are highly experienced and deliver compassionate care for our patients, working within the appropriate boundaries.

You might experience some pain when it is necessary to assess the extent of your condition and gauge the range of your motion. In general, there can be some discomfort during exercise and other therapies, but not lasting pain following treatments. 


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