Postnatal Physiotherapy Beaumont

Postnatal Physiotherapy Beaumont

Postnatal Physiotherapy

Do You Experience Post natal Pain?

Physiotherapy Can Assist You in Reducing the Pain Right Away!

Giving birth to a child may be one of a woman's most spectacular live events, but it also comes with many physical challenges and discomfort. Postnatal physiotherapy is one of the most remarkable treatments for postpartum physical changes, such as a weak pelvic floor, diastasis recti, and lower back pain.
Physiotherapy may help you feel better if you're having pain after childbirth. In addition, this process can help you manage your discomfort and resume enjoying your new motherhood role with the proper treatment plan. Thus, physiotherapy is your best option to find relief from post-natal pain!

Common Causes of Post Natal Pain?

Post-natal pain, also known as "after pain," is a common issue most pregnant women experience immediately after birth. Therefore, if you are feeling pain or any form of discomfort after giving birth, it is advisable to see a physiotherapist immediately as they will help to determine the cause and the best approach that can be applied to handle this issue. Some causes of post-natal pain may include:
Breast Pain
Even though breastfeeding is a normal and healthy part of postpartum recovery, nipple soreness, mastitis, or swelling can cause pain and discomfort to the new mother.
Perineal Pain
This pain and discomfort arise at the perineum, between the vagina and anus, and is caused by tears and stitches experienced during childbirth.
Cesarean Delivery Pain
Women that experience cesarean delivery may experience this additional discomfort and pain in their lower abdomen or incision site.
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
This pain and discomfort arise as the muscles in the pelvic region get injured after childbirth.
Back Pain
Body weight and strain experienced during childbirth contribute to this pain.
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that occur in the rectal area and are caused by straining experienced during childbirth.
Post Natal Care

The Role of Physiotherapy in Post Natal Care

With the help of a physiotherapist, your body can still return to its pre-pregnancy state. Depending on the prior degree of activity, postpartum physiotherapy can direct the return to exercise, which is different for everyone.
A postnatal checkup with a physiotherapist should be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after the baby is born. The physiotherapist may evaluate your pelvic floor at this time, explain what is going on to you, and then create a strategy for you to start exercising again. For example, when you start jogging before your pelvic floor fully recovers, it can worsen matters.
Physical therapy can enhance postpartum health outcomes for new mothers through manual therapies, targeted treatments (such as pelvic floor muscle training), and therapeutic exercise.
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What Should You Expect Postnatal Physiotherapy Beaumont?

Every new mom should visit a physiotherapist anytime they experience unusual body pain after childbirth. Though some always resort to primary physicians and are given pain relief. But this pain relief can only provide short-term relief and become ineffective, especially in the face of chronic conditions.
Therefore, at Impact Physio and Sports Clinic, we have registered physiotherapists that are highly trained to help new mothers recover physically and emotionally after childbirth. In addition, these physiotherapists are trained to carry out particular services such as:
  • Assessment of new mothers to identify any new issue or physical condition that needs to be addressed.
  • Developing physical programs that will enable quick health recovery of the new mothers. This exercise helps to strengthen the significant areas of the woman’s body that we’re affected during childbirth.
  • Providing pain management techniques such as massage, cold, and heat therapy reduces the pains and discomfort associated with childbirth.
  • Educating the new mothers about the potential physical changes they will always experience after childbirth, such as back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, etc. In addition, they also support new mothers as they pass through this stage.

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