Prenatal Physiotherapy Beaumont

Prenatal Physiotherapy Beaumont

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Prenatal Physiotherapy

Prenatal Physiotherapy Beaumont

Physical activity during pregnancy is generally considered safe and beneficial to both mother and fetus unless there are specific medical reasons to avoid it. In addition, pregnancy is usually a time for making positive lifestyle changes. With appropriate modifications, moderate exercise proves advantageous for sustaining the pregnancy and ensuring safe delivery.
In the medical world, we often see gestation as a time when women become more open to learning and are inspired to make lifestyle changes to promote the well-being of themselves and their babies. Hence, the period presents an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, to enlighten pregnant women on the significance of adopting healthy lifestyle practices like exercising.
You may already feel physical changes that make you want to take action and prevent unnatural occurrences during this period. Our Impact Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic, Beaumont team will guide you through specific exercise routines that guarantee stress-free gestation and safe delivery.
Recommend Prenatal Physiotherapy

Why We Recommend Prenatal Physiotherapy

The changes you currently observe in your body can strain your muscles, ligaments, and joints, causing discomfort and pain. Prenatal physiotherapy can help you manage these changes so that you feel better. In addition, physical activities will help manage your posture, strengthen your muscles, and improve overall mobility.
Prenatal physiotherapy also helps you prepare for childbirth. Our team of physiotherapists will guide you through physical regimens that can strengthen your Pelvic floor muscles and make delivery easier while reducing the risk of complications such as incontinence.

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unique physiological and anatomical needs

Our Approach

At Impact Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic, we consider your unique physiological and anatomical needs in our approach to prenatal physiotherapy. We take the time to understand the specific physiological changes that have taken place in your body before creating a customized physical regimen for you.
During your initial assessment, our physiotherapist attempts to diagnose your current physiological state by reviewing your medical history, identifying present symptoms, and discovering any other concerns you may have. We will then conduct a physical examination to assess your posture, strength, and mobility.
Based on the assessment result, our physiotherapist will develop treatment plans addressing your needs. For example, your treatment plan may include exercises or manual therapy, such as massage or joint mobilization movements that alleviate pain and improve function.

Benefits of Prenatal Physiotherapy

The benefits of prenatal physiotherapy are such that they must not be ignored, as they could be the difference between life and death. Among many, here are some that you should be aware of:
Reduced Pain and Discomfort
If you started feeling restlessness and pain since you got pregnant, you should know that it isn't peculiar to you. Pregnancy can cause back, pelvic, and hip pain and prenatal physiotherapy can help alleviate these symptoms and reduce discomfort.
Improved Posture
As your belly grows, your posture can change, which may cause discomfort. Prenatal physiotherapy can help you maintain proper posture and reduce your risk of developing back pain.
Cardiac Fitness
Your blood volume increases during pregnancy to accommodate the respiratory needs of the fetus in your womb. The increase in blood level demands more work from the heart for proper circulation. Physiotherapy can help train your cardiac muscles to meet up with the extra work and avoid the risk of a cardiac breakdown.
Strengthened Muscles
Strong muscles are essential during pregnancy, as they can help support your growing belly and reduce the risk of complications during childbirth. Prenatal physiotherapy can help you strengthen your muscles, particularly your pelvic floor muscles.
Swift Postpartum Recovery
The exercises that strengthen your muscles and improve your mobility during pregnancy are an advantage to recovering quickly after childbirth.
Reduced Risk of Complications
Prenatal physiotherapy can reduce the risk of many other childbirth complications we can't capture here.
GWG Control
Gestational weight gain is the weight that comes with pregnancy. This weight gain is often a result of an improved appetite and the sedentary lifestyle that some pregnant women adopt. Excessive GWG is unhealthy for pregnant women and their fetuses as it is often associated with the following health conditions:
1.Hypertension 2.Gestational Diabetes 3.Cesarean Section 4.Postpartum weight retention
You can avoid these conditions by active participation in prenatal physiotherapy.
healthy and comfortable pregnancy

Why Choose Impact Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic?

At Impact Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic, we are committed to helping you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy that will lead to safe delivery. The level of experience in our team of specialized physiotherapists will be helpful in the development of a customized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.
Our knowledge that every pregnancy is different constrains us from taking a general approach to treating our clients. Hence the personalized regimen we create for you. We aim to help you stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for childbirth.
Furthermore, we have installed world-class physiotherapy equipment in our clinic and use evidence-based practices to ensure you receive excellent care. Our physiotherapists also constantly update their knowledge and skills, staying up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.
Pregnancy is fun and challenging, and prenatal physiotherapy can help you manage the challenges that come with it. At Impact Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic, we will support you all through, from your initial assessment to achieving your health and birth goals.

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Prenatal Physiotherapy Treatment

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