Vestibular Rehabilitation Beaumont

Vestibular Rehabilitation Beaumont

Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment In Beaumont
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Vestibular Rehab Beaumont

At Impact Physio & Sport Clinic, our physiotherapists are trained in vestibular rehabilitation Beaumont, helping you manage and treat balance disorders. Vestibular therapy/rehabilitation is a specialized physiotherapy treatment program that involves an appropriate exercise-based approach to retrain balance. During this service, your therapist evaluates movements and positions that cause dizziness, balance deficits that may interfere with your daily activities, and visual function related to eye-head coordination.
Using the findings discovered during your initial assessment, your therapist creates an appropriate treatment plan for you. This may involve specific exercises, balance, and gait training, compensatory techniques, and more. Vestibular rehab can help address a wide variety of vestibular issues, including Labyrinthitis, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Vestibular Hydrops or Meniere’s Disease, and Central Vertigo.
Typically, we recommend that anyone seeking vestibular rehab attends an assessment with their physician prior to commencing a vestibular rehabilitation program, since this can help determine and specify the nature of your difficulties.
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What Vestibular Rehab Involves

The exact treatment you receive depends on your situation, your difficulties, and your goals. This means that all vestibular rehab treatments begin with an initial assessment to determine the best way to help you. From there, your therapist will determine what modalities and exercises are best suited to you, your needs, and your given situation.
Vestibular Exercises

Vestibular Exercises Specific to you & Your Symptoms

In your vestibular rehab treatment, your therapist provides specific exercise to help you overcome dizziness and to help reduce other symptoms. Your therapist may also show you advanced balance training techniques, gait training exercises, compensatory techniques to improve balance and decrease dizziness, and repositioning maneuvers for B.P.P.V. These all strive to help you overcome debilitating vertigo and other associated vestibular symptoms.
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Vestibular Rehabilitation Beaumont
Supervised Therapy Sessions

Supervised Therapy Sessions for Continual Progress

With vestibular rehab physiotherapy, supervision is necessary during each session to ensure your safety. If you become dizzy or lose your balance during treatment, our experts are set up to take the proper care to prevent injury or harm. This supervision further helps your therapist monitor your progress and continually challenge the vestibular physiotherapy, visual, and balance systems.

How It Works

Thorough Initial Assessments
The initial assessment with your therapist is based around determining the best way to treat you by understanding your current situation and condition. Your therapist will analyze what positions cause dizziness, balance difficulties, and your visual eye-head coordination.
Expert Care & Knowledge
Our physiotherapists at Impact Physio & Sport Clinic hold certification relating to advanced vestibular rehabilitation. We have the knowledge and skills to help you get back to enjoying your life, without dizziness, fatigue, or loss of balance getting in your way.
Specialized Treatment Plans
Each treatment plan is tailored to you – the individual. This plan is created based on your therapist’s findings from your assessment. It addresses your symptoms and unique situation, helping you achieve your goals.
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Why Choose Impact Physio?

At Impact Physio & Sport Clinic , we continually strive to offer each and every patient the best experience possible. We understand that symptoms like dizziness and lightheadedness can severely interfere with your quality of life. With our compassionate and caring team, we take great care to help each patient to the best of our ability.
Many of our therapists hold certifications in vestibular rehab – ensuring you have the experts you need to get to where you want to be. Begin your vestibular rehabilitation today.

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Learn More About Vestibular Rehab

Most people have no idea what the vestibular system is. However, this system is of the utmost importance for proper balance, head position, movement, and more.
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The vestibular system includes the inner ear and its corresponding organs. Yet, this system can quickly face issues with injury, infections, certain medications, aging, and more. This is exactly where vestibular rehab comes into play. If you’ve read through this page but still have questions regarding vestibular rehab, check out a few of our commonly asked questions here.
Vestibular issues can quickly impact your daily life and the activities you enjoy. Some individuals may even begin to isolate themselves as they fear experiencing symptoms at inconvenient times. Complications that may arise from vestibular difficulties and without vestibular rehab include decreased activity, poor focus, movement issues, isolation, depression, and anxiety.

During your initial assessment for vestibular rehab, it’s very common to have increased symptoms. This is because your therapist is testing your movements and more to see what causes these symptoms to arise. From there, this allows your therapist to determine the best treatment for you.

While a doctor’s referral isn’t necessary, we often recommend that vestibular rehab patients book a visit with their doctor prior to booking any physiotherapy approaches. This can help your doctor rule out any other potential causes, as well as more clearly define your difficulties and needs.

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