What to Look For in a Physiotherapist

What to Look For in a Physiotherapist

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Cramps, muscle tension and lack of mobility. Every person, from adolescence through old age, will complain about these ailments at least once in their lives. Unfortunately, body aches are commonplace and usually caused by our lifestyles. For example, sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, without any movement will most certainly lead to leg and back stiffness.

While we may experience body aches at some point in our lives, we do not need to live with them. Stretching, exercise and massages are all good solutions to relaxing sore muscles, but physiotherapy is by far the most effective solution.

With that being said, it’s important to understand the goals of this treatment to see if it’s right for you. Additionally, you should research physiotherapist qualifications before booking your first session. That way, you can ensure that you are visiting a certified professional. 


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Physiotherapy Goals

During a diagnosis of a rotator cuff injury, the doctor or healthcare professional will physically examine your arm. They’ll press into the tissue and move your arm in different positions, examining what causes pain.

In some instances, X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds may be used to help further assess the extent of injury. In particular, this may help diagnose a hard-to-diagnosis rotator cuff injury or problem, getting to the bottom of the cause of pain once and for all. 


Tip #1: Check their qualifications

The first question you should ask before booking your next appointment is: “What qualifications do you need to be a physiotherapist?”

Researching each physiotherapist you come across is vital, because you’ll need to ensure that you are seeing a true professional who is well-versed in the field.

While the specifics vary between countries, certain qualifications are needed to become a physiotherapist in Canada. In terms of education, your physiotherapist should have a master’s degree in physiotherapy from an accredited institution. Also, all physiotherapists need to have passed the national Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE), administered by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR). 

treatment methods

Tip #2: Assess their treatment methods

It’s also important to check the treatment methods administered by each physiotherapist you have in mind. Although all physiotherapists generally use the same techniques, some may offer more services than others.

Additionally, you should gauge your comfort level and determine what you are looking for in treatment — whether that be just muscle manipulation or something more intensive such as ultrasound. 


Tip #3: Determine the atmosphere and personality

Finally, read the reviews on any physiotherapist that you have in mind. Real, unpaid patient reviews are vital in determining the atmosphere of the practice and the personality of the physiotherapist. This treatment method focuses on increasing your comfort level — and as such, your appointment with your physiotherapist should be something that delivers this for you. 


Starting Treatment

Physiotherapy is an effective and recommended treatment method for multiple types of body aches and other ailments. Although this is a very safe and natural way of alleviating pain, the real benefit goes beyond the immediate pain relief. Physiotherapy improves a person’s overall quality of life and is focused on long-term injury prevention, which is why regular visits to your physiotherapist are recommended. 


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